Links 8/10/10

Hacking lights
How digital is transforming organisations
The Burton snowboard community project


Screenjelly – cool name, cool site

screenjellyI’m loving this site My colleague pointed it out to me this week and I’m absolutely hooked. It’s a simple idea but more importantly the execution is really simple. My colleague works in Germany so we are always talking about how to collaborate more effectively and basically make it easier to work on things. Screenjelly allows us to do just that, instead of going through sites whilst talking through Skype it’s so simple to record what is being done on the screen, add verbal instructions and package the file up and ping it across. Brilliant

I can see this working well for remote workers and for digital agencies to use as a leave behind instead/as well as a paper documents. The real benefit is going to be when briefing the creative team from a remote base. So much gets lost over the phone/translation that a simple file with voice instructions will change the way we work.

The only downfall is that each file is limited to 3 minutes of recording, but this easily overcome by recording more than file. You can sign into Screenjelly through twitter so sharing your screen recording is simple.

Economist -Thinking Space

The Economist

I’m really impressed with the Economist ‘Thinking Space’ website – although I feel its rather elitist and that will be its biggest failure. The big idea is that people can create spaces and share their own thinking space (desks, offices etc) with others. The website allows users to describe objects in their space using mp3, videos ot just plain ol’ text. The user can then flick around the next person work space and explore.

Here’s the elitist part though, you have to create your workspace, which is good fun, and ‘submit’ it to The Economist for approval, if they choose your workspace it gets put onto the 3Dshape which functions as the network. Currently the workspaces which can be viewed include Daniel Eck, Founder of Spotify and Giorgia Tagliette, Head of the Sonar Festival so you get the picture of the caliber of selected few.

I don’t know whether the website is going to be expanded or of the objective is to refresh the workspaces and keep it exclusive but it looks like a platform which could have massive potential should they wish to expand. The design makes it ideal for creative types to upload and share ideals etc. They should obviously include more social tools to the site to build a network but there beauty of the design means that creative types would use it as another platform to share their thoughts.

I’ve submitted a workspace, just waiting to see if I get selected now.