Why are we here? Social media steps to an immersed brand

Social Media Steps This probably should have been the first post of the new blog theme. But after having been to a session at Social Media Week London #smwldn, I thought that I’d come back and explain what the brand expects to get out from my work in the social media space. I’ve touched upon some individual channels and what activity I’m doing on those already here, but I just wanted to clarify the stages of the strategy and how the content will evolve as more people engage with the brand and ultimately (hopefully) purchase from us through these channels. Each stage is step nearer to being an immersed brand – the social brand’s ultimate goal.

Clearly the overriding objective is to sell more products. No one is arguing that. To reach that end-goal I need to increase brand awareness, build TRUST in the brand, find advocates and position the brand as the come-to brand for advice and knowledge. so here’s how I see the our strategy unfolding;

Stage 1 – No social capital/No engagement

Objectives: Build audience, find advocates,

Content: Advice, special vouchers, soft positioning statements such as music from you tube etc, new products

Measurement: Increase in ‘Likes’, Followers and amount on conversation on-line mentioning us (the brand).

Stage 2 – Small audience/small engagement

Objectives: Continue audience building/start selling products to this audience

Content: Advice, special offers, new products, sale periods, encourage feedback

Measurement: As with stage 1, but with the addition of sales reports from analytics.

Stage 3  – Active and engaged audience

Objectives: Manage and active community and reduce the steps the audience needs to final purchase

Content: Encourage discussions about our products, encourage debate, new products, find VIP’s

Measurement: Social influence on the topics and amount of sales generated from social media activity.

There you have the three key stages in my social media strategy, obviously these are pretty flexible and a lot of the content strategy will cross through the stages. I’m hoping this strategy is pretty obvious but if you have any suggestions on any of this please do let me know.