When networks clash

I’ve been thinking about networks a lot recently, being freelance sort of makes you even more focused on the nuances of networks and how they work. Whilst exploring the different sort of networks and applying them to communities and then social platforms, I discovered all the networks types I found are based on a collection of group interactions and decisions, for example, an organisation as a network, bar disasters,  can pretty much control their destiny – no demand for your product, simple change your product  – no demand for your services in location X, simple, target a new geography.

This got me wondering if there was any research into networks and how they operate when they are faced with external change on a constant basis. I’m thinking in particular about sports team here. For example, the home team would go out to play a match, with a clear strategy in mind, every connection in the network knows the role they play. This is fine, but then the opposing team will have a different strategy and will not simply let the home network (team) function as they desire, they will disrupt the network at every opportunity (as will the home team to the opposition). Both networks then have to adjust in real-time and consistently (as you never know what is happening each second) over a short but intense period of play. Surely, this makes both networks the most advanced networks in existence?

The key thing here is that individual decision have a huge effect on the network, far more than any other network. The implications are massive if one connection, can’t update data (ie opposition passage of plays and movements) and adopt the ever-changing network strategy. I can’t think of another network where this happens, traders could come close, but they don’t really operate in the same kind of network but they have to update and adapt in real-time however, it seems to be against the less factors at the same time. Or maybe not.

I’m going to look into high pressure, constant change networks and write a detailed article in the future – this fascinates me.


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