Notes from #a4uexpo

The good thing about being a cross discipline communicator is that you get to see the best of both internal and external communication practices. Today I was a delegate at the affiliate marketing (now called performance marketing) conference a4uexpo in London.

It was a great day and confirmed my previous thoughts that every communicator should experience a different discipline to really put ‘thinking’ into perspective and to create a greater understanding of communications across the board.

I learnt (and re-learnt) more than i can remember today but here are my highlights from some great sessions.

Session 1 – Launching a brand a fiercely competitive market
Traffic sources Q1 – 80% PPC, 15% Organic, 5% email
Focus – Building links and optimising
Traffic sources Q2 60% PPC 25% Organic, 10% email, 5% other
Focus – Competitors, landing page optimisation
For affiliates differentiate the landing page with reviews and video. Content is still king even from data feeds.
Put offers into Meta descriptions – this takes away the PPC activity and reduced costs. It was the most eye-catching meta description.

Session 2 Analytics
Try to take out sections from the Google funnel
Try Yoast
Only measure what you need and segregate data
Measure sections/categories rather than whole site
Group channels ie Facebook and Twitter as Social Media

Session 3 – linkto Video
Jeager catwalk video online on homepage;play video click on model’s clothes and be taken to basket with that item in. Shopping straight from video.
Content is becoming bigger than the channel
Facebook video takeover – PR from great videos

Session 4 – Online in 2020
Fragmented landscape
Middle ground between search (Google) and content (Facebook)
Payments from Facebook accounts
Less privacy concerns
Content worth more than mediums – look out for XFactor TV
Affiliates need to be fleet of foot and move quickly to capture customers
Communications = disruption open API’s and transparency

Session 5 – Link building
Never buy a link based on PR (pagerank)
Buy links from reputable agencies – Doh!
Constantly update content
Build links to different sections
Watch competition – they are watching you
Control inward links by creting own external content on different IP’s


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