excuse me whilst i vomit….

kath kidosn Kath Kidston – a complex brand I can’t get my head around. I mean what the hell does everyone see in the designs like this. I go into the retail premises and find them crammed with yummy mummies aching to get a their kids rooms kitted out in this shite. What sort of person would subject their kid to a room full of this vomit inducing puffery. Worse still, these people buy it for themselves thinking that a bit of Kath Kidston is what they need to make their life puffey, tranquil and complete. My God.

That’s not to say I don’t like everything about the brand – and it is a brand. I can stand some designs in fact I caught myself picking up some bedding a few months ago and saw myself running through the cornfields in the sunshine back to cottage to lay on a KK duvet. Luckily my partner was there to bring me back into the real world so we stepped out side into a crowd of hoodies swearing at a granny. Phew – I love reality.

Anyway, this Eiderdown is not nice, but if you like, it can be bought from http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/p-12736-cath-kidston-rose-blue-eiderdown.aspxvomit
Our crisp new Rose Blue print bedspread is made from finest quality cotton. Looks great with matching duvet and pillowcases – choose from single (135x200cm), double (200x200cm), king (230×220) or super king (260x220cm) duvet covers.

Yeah, I’d be interested to find out what ‘finest quality cotton‘ is btw.

linen punk

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