Social Software Adoption

How to drive social media adoption in your business


So you have spoken to a consultant, checked out the software options available and now you’re confident that you have found the right social tool for your business’s internal needs.


Have you thought about how you are going to drive adoption and get your workforce using these solutions? Well, if you haven’t I can give you a few tips on how to successfully integrate Enterprise 2.0 strategies within your business.


I am presuming you have an objective already, if not, go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.


If your objective is to share knowledge and to collaborate effectively or if that objective is to foster a stronger community within your business, then you have to look at ways of changing behavior within your organisation – which depending on your existing culture and workforce demographic can take time.


To drive adoption and turn social software into a central theme of your business, use these following points;


1.         Develop social software Ambassadors/Evangelists. Choose these Ambassadors wisely and the take up will reach tipping point far quicker than simply cascading information to the workforce. Ambassadors should be passionate about social software and they should also be natural communicators. You should look for these Ambassadors in all areas of your business both in location and business departments.


2.       Showcase case studies for all the different departments using social software. If groups can see value in what you are implementing and can instantly see how it is going to make work easier than they will be more open to new business practices. Showcases for different departments will encourage new ideas on ways to use the software.


3.       When launching social software, as well as using showcases, invite your workforce to experience the software in special training sessions, make these fun, create a buzz around the launch, make sure everyone has the chance to use the software and make sure they leave fully briefed. Some consultants would recommend large scale gatherings for this, but I believe the opposite to be true. Create small events encourage interaction and create a work based situation in these events.


4.       Make sure questions are answered quickly. Create a forum, create a Wiki but make sure that any questions about social software are addressed quickly. Make sure that any questions are addressed in person or actually using the social software. DON’T REPLY TO QUESTIONS USING EMAIL


5.       Encourage your workforce to keep an eye on development in wider public communities. Development is happening so quickly, encourage your workforce to look for trends. Having 10,000 employees watching the latest software trends is far better than 10.


6.       Seek feedback, listen and act.


For business specific adoption strategies drop me a line and I’ll be happy to share my experiences.




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